We are a small company based in Saco Maine. We have started this company because the oil companies in our community have become too commercial. There are only a few family operated oil companies left. The others have sold out to the big companies.

  We want to bring the caring back to this industry. We want to bring a face back to the oil man. We want to be the oil company people rely on and depend on. 

  We can not control the stock market or the prices, but we can guarantee fast reliable service when you call us. 

   We will be doing evening and weekend deliveries while we build a customer base. Same day delivery will be made when ever possible. 

   The owner, Ronald Grenier, started in the heating industry as a young apprentice for Mr. Jean Veilleux. He learned a lot from this Amazing Man.  The opening of his own business is only the first step in achieving his dream of one day being as successful as his predecessor.  

 Rest In Peace Mr. Veilleux. I will Miss YOU.